Commit b8c788e1 authored by doetschj's avatar doetschj
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Parallel processing on windows

parent 649003ee
......@@ -27,13 +27,14 @@ def processing(param):'Starting trigger module')
tparam = param['Trigger']
if param['Processing']['parallel_processing']:
from dug_seis.processing.celery_tasks import event_processing_celery
if sys.platform == 'win32':
os.environ.setdefault('FORKED_BY_MULTIPROCESSING', '1')
os.system('start redis-server > redis.log')
os.system('start celery -A dug_seis worker --loglevel=debug --concurrency=%i > celery.log' % param['Processing']['number_workers'])
os.system('redis-server > redis.log &')
os.system('celery -A dug_seis worker --loglevel=debug --concurrency=%i &> celery.log &' %param['Processing']['number_workers'])
from dug_seis.processing.celery_tasks import event_processing_celery
# create folders for processing
if not os.path.exists(param['Processing']['Folders']['quakeml_folder']):
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