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create spectogram

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from obspy import read
import logging
from obspy import Stream
import os
import time
import pyasdf
from dug_seis.processing.dug_trigger import dug_trigger
from dug_seis.processing.event_processing import event_processing
import re
from obspy.signal import PPSD
from obspy import read
from import Parser
asdf_folder = '/Users/sem/Documents/dug-seis-test/raw/merge/merge13_single' # 'raw' # Location of .h5 file
stations = [i - 1 for i in [19]]
new_files = sorted([f for f in os.listdir(asdf_folder) if f.endswith('.h5') ]) # generates a list of the .asdf files in asdf_folder
current_file = new_files.pop(0)
sta = Stream()
ds = pyasdf.ASDFDataSet(asdf_folder + '/' + current_file, mode='r')
wf_list = ds.waveforms.list()
for k in stations:
sta += ds.waveforms[wf_list[k]].raw_recording
# sta[0].decimate(factor=16, strict_length=False)
sta[0].resample(500, window='hanning', no_filter=True, strict_length=False)
# sta[0].spectrogram(log=True,wlen=sta[0].stats.sampling_rate/90,per_lap=0.99,show=True,dbscale=False)
st = read("")
inv = ['1']
ppsd = PPSD(sta[0].stats, metadata=inv)
# ppsd.plot()
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