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[ENH] Allowing partial data loading

sarsonl requested to merge feature/merge_data_updates into develop

Metadata not required for merging data When updating a borehole using the POST or load data methods, if the data is only an update then borehole and borehole section metadata fields do not need to be present. The old fields will be maintained instead.

section datetime behaviour If a section is uploaded, the default behaviour will be to update the section start and end time based on the hydraulics given. If the provided section start and end time are to be used, then the option 'auto_datetime_off' should be used. I made this the default option to avoid situations where the hydraulics and section times do not match, which can lead to errors at the api query level.

debug mode the post request will no longer be so verbose, but can be made more verbose by using debug.

database changes The location of top and bottom of the section will now be not nullable, to keep this in line with RAMSIS requirements.

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