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FastAPI implementation

schmidni requested to merge develop into master

FASTAPI implementation of basic HYDWS Functionality

closes #25 (closed) #26 (closed) #27 (closed)

Recreated all the endpoints with FastAPI, old version moved to branch develop_v1

What's new:

  • Greatly improved performance, especially for Post endpoint
  • Memory leak solved (needs to be verified over longer timespan though).
  • Available query parameters work as expected
  • Delete endpoint for boreholes
  • section starttime and endtime handling:
    • if no hydraulics available must be set manually
    • if hydraulics available can be set manually, will be set automatically otherwise
    • if contradictory to available hydraulics will be adjusted accordingly
  • Simplified docker installation

what is not yet available compared to before:

  • extended validation of values such as starttime<endtime and temperature in reasonable range and so on
  • query parameters except for starttime, endtime, level
  • tests
  • logging

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