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Feature/48 restructure

sarsonl requested to merge feature/48-restructure into main

These are initial changes to make for 2.0.

I will be making alterations in ramsis where it will become obvious if further modifications need to be made.

Further changes I can think of will be to check removal of code that is no longer used, and to move classes to files that more accurately describe what is contained.


  • I am now using a postgis enabled database, do we want all points (e.g. for catalog events) to be stored in a 'Point' using geoalchemy rather than x y z?
  • Are we happy to have a simple Enum for geometries? It would mean that we have to add on columns to the table if we want to represent further geometries.
  • We have a cross over of seismicity/seismic naming, do we want to use only one of these instead of both?

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